Medicated Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta

September 2022 by Angela Laufer As the afternoons start to get cooler, it’s time to shine for casseroles and warm, filling meals! This medicated chicken bacon ranch pasta uses infused half and half to make a comfort food dish of comfort food dishes! Incredibly versatile, you can switch this recipe up in many ways, adding […]

What is RSO?

August 2022 by Sandy Yanez RSO is a highly concentrated crude cannabis extract created by Canadian engineer Rick Simpson for the purpose of treating his skin cancer. Rick’s cannabis journey started in 1997 when he sustained a work-related head injury from inhaling toxic fumes due to poorly ventilated conditions. Although Rick recovered, he suffered from […]

Holistic Medicine Part 5c: Feeding the ECS – Lifestyle – Sleep

August 2022 by Sandy Yanez In the last segment, the focus was on stress and how it affects the mind, body, and spirit. You may already be very aware that stress and lack of sleep can go hand-in-hand. This article is about the importance of sleep, the effects of sleep deprivation, and its role in […]

Cannabis-Infused Baked Sweet Chili Thai Chicken Wings

July 2022 by Angela Laufer You’re going to want to lick your fingers on this one! A homemade chicken wing recipe that may just trump your local Thai restaurant… these wings are the perfect amount of crispy, juicy, sweet, spicy and peanuty. Made with infused grapeseed oil, dosing and medicating is incredibly easy, giving you […]

Holistic Medicine Part 5b: Feeding the ECS – Lifestyle

July 2022 by Sandy Yanez In the last segment of holistic medicine, we started looking into lifestyles and how everyday foods and exercise impact our ECS. Here we will continue with lifestyles by looking at how stress affects our health and wellbeing.  Stress, the silent killer Stress is any change in the environment that requires […]

What is CBC – An Overview of Cannabichromene

June 2022 by Sandy Yanez Discovered in the 1960s, Cannabichromene or CBC is a major cannabinoid like THC and CBD. CBC is the third most prominent cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Though this cannabinoid is not as well understood as THC and CBD, CBC has shown to be a significant component in the treatment […]

Cannabis-Infused Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

June 2022 by Angela Laufer Start your summer weekend morning or cool off with a mid-day smoothie right, by blending up a tasty cannabis-infused peanut butter banana smoothie! Just like your childhood peanut butter & banana sandwich, this recipe is sufficiently filling and full of fiber, potassium, high protein and healthy fats. The sweet flavor […]

Holistic Medicine Part 5a: Feeding the ECS – Lifestyle

June 2022 by Sandy Yanez In the holistic series, parts 3 & 4, we took a look into maintaining the endocannabinoid system (ECS) through specific essential compounds. Here we will take a look into cannabinoid receptors and lifestyle choices that support the ECS and wellbeing. Before we dive in, a quick recap on the ESC […]

Taking a look at Cannabinol (CBN)

June 2022 by Sandy Yanez Cannabis has been around for thousands of years and although scientists have been studying this amazing plant since the 19th century, we know very little about cannabinoids other than THC and CBD. According to The Analytical Chemistry of Cannabis, this remarkable plant has over 500 compounds which include over 100 […]

Medicated Whipped Cream

May 2022 by Angela Laufer It’s never the wrong time for whipped cream! Whether you’re topping your favorite bowl of ice cream, shortcake, slice of pie, hot drink on the cooler days, or even by itself straight from the container (we’re not judging (; ) what better way to indulge, than making your own medicated […]