Medicated Shamrock Shake Recipe

March 3, 2021 by Angela Laufer

These refreshing and minty medicated shamrock shakes are a great way to bring in spring, or as an after-dinner sweet treat! Before you can infuse your milk for this recipe, you’ll need to have decarboxylated flower. If you’d like to know the how and why of decarboxylation, check out our A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Decarboxylation before following this step-by-step guide to infusing milk and creating medicated milkshakes.

Keep in mind the double fats in this recipe (milk and ice cream combined). Since THC binds to fat cells, it may be more potent than some other recipes you may have made. If you’re in doubt, you can always use less flower to milk ratio, and always start by trying small amounts of your finished product to see how it affects you, before diving in!

Step 1: Simmer Milk & Flower – At Least 2 Hours: Once you have your cooled, decarboxylated flower and the rest of your ingredients in order, you want to start heating the milk you will be infusing. In a small saucepan, heat 2 cups of milk to a simmer. Add your flower (I used 7 grams because I utilized trim and shake from our very own grown South African KwaZulu… waste not want not! (: )

Remember to put a lid on your saucepan so that you retain as much THC and other cannabinoids as you can during the simmering process. Let your milk simmer on the lowest temperature, stirring occasionally for at least 2 hours. I usually use this time to prep my cheesecloth and pour jar.

Step 2: Filter Milk Into Jar & Cool: Once your two hours (or longer) are over, pour your finished canna-milk through the cheesecloth into your jar. When your milk is fully poured from the saucepan, squeeze cheesecloth lightly to get as much of your infused milk as possible. Tightly screw on lid and store in freezer for appx 20 minutes to cool. Chill your shake glasses at this time too, for frosty mugs!

Step 3: Blend Ice Cream & Canna-milk: When your milk has cooled, scoop 2 cups mint chocolate chip ice cream into your blender, add 1 & ¼ cup of canna-milk, and blend well.         **I nearly doubled the ice cream, (3-4 cups) for extra thick shakes**

Step 4: Prep & Pour Shakes. Garnish with Toppings & Enjoy! Drizzle chocolate syrup around the inside of your chilled glasses and pour in the blended ice cream and canna-milk mixture. Top your shake with whipped cream and green sprinkles (optional) and voila! Enjoy responsibly!

Cooking with Cannabis

A good starting point for ingesting cannabis edibles is to limit yourself to <5mg THC ; even less if you are new to THC-infused food. It can have the tendency to be a lot stronger, more intense, and can differ drastically from smoking it. For one, the effects can take anywhere from a half hour to 3 hours to fully metabolize, depending on an individual’s unique body and metabolic rate. In addition, because the THC is digested through your liver, and can more readily cross the body’s blood-brain barrier, the high can be stronger and last longer.

With that said, your medicated food & drink’s potency depends on many factors, from how long and hot it was cooked, to the potency of your starting product, as well as taking into consideration if your strain was indica or sativa leaning. To test the potency and effect of your finished product, try ingesting a smaller amount first, and give a few hours to get an idea of how it affects you. Titrate your dose as desired, and you can then use this personalized “standard” dose as a baseline for your recipes.

Happy Cooking!